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Руководство по покупке: Высокие пиковые каркасные палатки

Руководство по покупке: Высокие пиковые каркасные палатки

Палатки с высокой рамойявляются популярным типомоткрытая палаткана выставках, фестивальных мероприятиях и других мероприятиях на свежем воздухе. Он универсален для различных открытых мест, таких как трава, бетонная площадка и пляжи. Сегодня я расскажу о том, что такоепалатки с высокой пиковой рамой, преимущества их и какой размер шатра вам нужен.

Что такое палатки с высокой рамой?

Как следует из названия, высокая пиковая центральная мачта в качестве центра, несколько перекрестных кабелей от каждого углачасти палатки с высоким пикомподдержите эту палатку. Эта палатка не только максимизирует доступное пространство палатки, но и устраняет необходимость в внутренних рамах или опорных столбах.
Пик Шатер Шатер

Какова высота палатки High Peak?

Так как разные размеры палатки и разные конструкции изготовления, высота высокой вершины палатки отличается. Кроме того, высота палатки делится на боковую высоту и высоту гребня. Например, если палатка 10x10 футов, высота стороны составляет 8'-4'', высота конька 12'-6''. Вот пример спецификации палатки SCA peak Marquee:

Пик Шатер Шатер (PMT)<%
PMT10×10ft/8'-4'' 10×10ft 8'-4'' 12'-6'' 63×63×3mm 80 км/ч
PMT15×15ft/8'-4'' 15×15ft 8'-4'' 14'-2'' 63×63×3mm 80 км/ч
PMT20×20ft/8'-4'' 20×20ft 8'-4'' 16'-6'' 63×63×3mm 80 км/ч
PMT30×30ft/8'-4'' 30×30ft 8'-4'' 19'-6'' 63×63×3mm 80 км/ч
PMT10×20ft/8'-4'' 10×20ft 8'-4'' 13'-10'' 63×63×3mm 80 км/ч
PMT20×30ft/8'-4'' 20×30ft 8'-4'' 14'-11'' 63×63×3mm 80 км/ч
PMT20×40ft/8'-4'' 20×40ft 8'-4'' 16'-6'' 63×63×3mm 80 км/ч

Benefits of High Peak Frame Tents

Different types of tents have their specific benefits in the applications. There are three benefits to the high peak frame tents: height, convenience, stable. Its height is the clearest benefit for you. Here is an illustration of its benefits.


The height is the most outstanding of these tents. Usually, the taller the tent is, the better. It is because a taller tent could offer room for taller objects within the tent. Furthermore, the high peak tents produce a majestic and formal feeling for those guests. This goes a long way in all kinds of events, including banquets, weddings, and receptions.


Since the simple but stable outdoor tent structures, it provides people with easy installation and transportation. Only two or Three persons could achieve a reliable structure for the events.

Stable Aluminium Tent Frame

The aluminum structure can withstand about 80-100km/h wind. With the strong structure and the fabric covering, it also can be waterproof, UV resistant. Therefore, the event holders don't need to worry about whether should they postpone the events when the weather goes wrong. The strong structure ensures the events could be held on time.

Applications of High Peak Frame Tents

As above mentioned, the high peak frame tents are versatile for many different occasions and are installed on different outdoor grounds. But it is the best and ideal tent for two major occasions: a wedding and a party.


With a high-peak poof, the greatwedding event tentscreate a sacred atmosphere to let the bride and bridegroom seem like vowing in the outdoor church.

Especially the large high peak tent allows not only the stage setting but also the customization in a variety of shapes, patterns, colors.White Tents For Weddingsare the perfect choice that can be decorated with unlimited designs. It could be used in different theme parties.


A high peak tent for a party can be an architectural view that impresses the guests a lot for birthday parties and graduation. Furthermore, as the festival party tents, this tent could produce a sense of atmosphere for the party. As for the size, you could choose theбольшая палатка для вечеринок, to reduce the complexity in structure.


High Peak Tents are a versatile and perfect option for outdoor events, especially for weddings. The white and special structure makes the wedding more elegant and majestic. If the wedding companies are looking for wedding tents, a high peak tent is an ideal choice, recommended by professionalChina Exhibition Tent Manufacturers.

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